Buyors be ware

Buyors be ware
William Easter - Wed Sep 14, 2011 @ 05:49AM
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A client of mine now has a cloud on their title because of the actions of an adjoining land owner.The adjoining owner has sold their property to a new owner that encroaches about 8 acres on to my clients property.Which creates a cloud on the title for both pieces of property.Now instead of a disagreement between two property owners we have several parties involved. The new owner,the title co.,the real estate agent,the mortgage co.Even though our survey and affidavits are recorded at the Anderson Co. TN. Register of deeds,the adjoinging owners and agents of these owners chose to ignore these documents and procede to sell the adjoining property by a invalid description.A warranty deed was signed by the owner of this property while knowing that there was a boundary problem.and now the new owner is subject to a law suit along with the title co,real estate agent,previous owner and the mortgage co and the other Land surveyor

We filed our survey and affidavits on public record and was never contacted by anyone about this problem.The Previous owner certainly knew about this,the realtor knew about it as well.The Title Co should have found these documents at the time of their title search,since both parties are paying the taxes on the disputed 8 acres.When and If this gets into the court system,the decision will affect several different parties and thousands of dollars.

Comments: 5


1. Anonymous   |   Wed Jun 13, 2018 @ 12:23AM

Buyors be ware disagreement between two property owners we have and several parties involving the more chances as well here The adjoining the tips and more documents and proceed boundary problem.

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