Property Owners and TVA

Property Owners and TVA
William Easter - Sun Jun 03, 2012 @ 10:47AM
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If you own lake property in East Tennessee.Do not assume that you own all the way to the waters edge.In some cases where the property owner does own down to the water.TVA has flowage easements that restrict the building of Homes,fences,and disturbing the natural ground .If you happen to build over on these easements it is a painful and expensive process.$5000  check along with your application to TVA.just to get the process started.could get into 5 figures before you have any resolution.If you get a resolution.

Just finished a project where a new home is encroaching on to TVA about 20 ft,and the fill dirt about 40'.Probley will take 6-8 months before we hear anything from TVA. could get ugly.

Don't assume anything about property lines and rights adjoing TVA.Since they are a part of the federal goverment,no adverse possession can happen.

Comments: 6


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