Tennesse Georgia Border

Tennesse Georgia Border
William Easter - Thu Oct 11, 2012 @ 05:37AM
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The border between TN. and Ga. has been a topic of discussion for over 200 yrs.Everytime we have a drought in the Southeast there are a few politicians in Georgia than brings up moving the state line where they can divert water from the Tennessee River to the City of Atlanta.

When TN. was created by congress in 1796 the southern boundary was set at the 35th parallel of latitude.which was where the Ga. statue calls for. But in 1818 the State of Ga. commissioned a Surveyor and a survey to monument the boundary between Ga. and Tennessee.Mr. James Camak led the Ga. team using among other tools a compass and an English sextant (which is better suited for sea captains rather than land Surveyors) when monumenting the boundary between the two states the surveyors actually marked a line 1.1 mile south of the 35th parallel. which was not to bad at the time .I know that sounds like a big mistake in todays world.But  if  you think it is easy to find your location on the planet with a compass and a sextant you need to try it sometime. You can not change boundaries that have been relied on by the general population for years just because you have newer and improved equipment.

The courts of the U.S. have long ruled in boundary cases that the monuments set by the orginal surveyors control over any written document.because that was the intent of the orginal survey.I guess the Ga. legislators need to take some continuing education classes.That their surveyors have to take every year because of the laws passed by these same legislators.

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Thank you! This is what I need to find. I hope to hear more updates from you about the problem and other related matters.

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