Claiborne County & FEMA Flood Maps

Claiborne County & FEMA Flood Maps
William Easter - Tue Apr 02, 2013 @ 04:21AM
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It has been 2 yrs. now since we posted information about the Claiborne Co. And Northern Union County Flood Maps.Fema still has not revised their Federal Flood Maps.Property owners in these areas that adjoin Norris Lake are still subject to Flood Insurance even though most of the properties are actually above the 100 yr. Flood Elevation.requardless of what the current maps show.Getting a Survey Elevation Certificate and submitting this to FEMA and your insurance Companies  can save property owners in these areas Thousands of dollars a year in insurance premiums.Hopefully when FEMA has received enough of theses forms,they will alter their Fllod Maps.m



Comments: 4


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