Knox County TN. (Taking of Property)

Knox County TN. (Taking of Property)
William Easter - Sun Sep 06, 2015 @ 02:10PM
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The fifth amendment of the United States Constitution clearly states that private property shall not be taken by the Goverment (at any level) without just compensation.

Apparently this doesn't apply to Knox County and the MPC.If you have not  had the pleasure of subdividing a piece of property that adjoins a County road in Knox County.Let me enlighten you.

Subdivided a piece of property for a client last yr. that fronted on a county rd.The existing right of way is 20' from the centerline each side.submitted the drawings to MPC,MPC would not approve the drawings until the property owner dedicated 20' more of right of way,making it 40' from the centerline along the whole length of the property. when one questions that,you are told you will have to file a variance and go thru severel meetings and several months of time,to challenge this.other wise give us your property and we can approve the drawings.

Most cases when plans are submitted to the MPC,you either have a Buyor and seller,or just a seller,who don't have several months of time and money they give in to get there plan approved

This is an illegal taking of property,and has been the policy of Knox County for at least 30 yrs. probely longer.

When the DOT and Federal Highway adminstration build new roads and need to build new roads or widen existing roads.The proposed surveying work is done to establish the amount of the land involved,then an appraisal is done, to determine a fair market value of the property.The owners and the Gov. Agency's negotiate the amount of payment for the property.

At some point a deep pocket land owner will challenge this in court,but until then Knox Co. will continue to rob the public


Comments: 5


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