Property owners need to know where there property lines are when erecting fences,building homes,out buildings,planting trees are any improvements,you don't won't to spend hard earned money to find out later,that you have built across the property line,or that the  neighbor has built over on you. 


Boundary surveys are usually associated with larger tracts of land,when planning to subdivide large tracts,such as a farm,or unimproved property,cutting timber,etc.The surveyors job is to follow in the footsteps of the orginal surveyor and locate the orginal monuments that are called for in the deed.Woodland boundaries need to be blazed and painted,so the property owner can maintain their property lines, long after the surveyor has gone,with just a few cans of paint.


Topo maps as we surveyors call it,are maps created by collecting elevation data of the property which show the contour lines,which are needed for planning construction, or if the property is a lake lot or river front property,the property line follows a elevation contour


Setting stakes with offset  distances to proposed structures,with a cut or fill grade for removing or adding clay,dirt,stone are concrete,also setting points on the foundation corners to avoid having to set batter boards


Each community of Tennessee has been mapped for flood data,by the federal goverment,which classifies property in different flood areas,Some of this data is outdated or just incorrect,The incorrct data forces property owners who are not in a flood zone to buy flood insurance.The flood certificate is a federal form,that is filled out with survey data of elevations of the finished floor of the home,and elevations of house corners,and any other required information,that has been collected by the land surveyor.This form is then submitted to FEMA for review,and in a lot of cases,the property in question is removed from the flood area.Thats good news for the property owner,flood insurance is expensive.


Long gone are the days of a surveyor drawing a map with a pencil and scale,today most surveyors generate maps with computer programs .These maps then can be plotted on paper,saved to a disk,or emailed to a client.These drawings can be edited later where changes need to be made,without having to redraw the complete survey map.Saving time and money


Surveying without line of site,using global positioning satellites and software to collect data such as horizonal and vertical positions on the face of the earth. This allows us to achieve more accurate measurments in less time,and pass those lower cost along to our clients.Easter Surveying Company applying 21st century technology to an ancient profession. 



Boundary retracement is the  resurvey of  a boundary that was surveyed years earlier or centuries eariler,and recovering the orginal lines and monuments,that the first surveyor set.The Land Surveyor is required by law,to follow the orginal surveyors footsteps to the  best of his or her ability.


Over lapping boundary lines,Boundary lines do not overlap on the ground,just on paper such as deeds.Sometimes different property owners can have a deed for the same property.There lies the problem,who has the better title.This can only be resolved by a Land Surveyor,after searcing the record titles back in time to see who acquired what first.Then marking those corners and lines on the ground.But sometimes surveyors can have different opinions as to where the boundary is actually located. In these cases that is resolved in a court of law.If you have a boundary problem,contact Easter Surveying Co. with our experience we can  resolve these issues without having to hire lawyers and go through the courts. If the issue has to go to court,we will furnish  our opinion as an  expert witness.


Any subdividing of property in the State of Tennessee,where one or more parcels is less than 5 acres,require local government approval.Easter Surveying Company has a long history of working with the Anderson Co. Planning Commission,the City of Clinton Planning Commission,the Norris Planning Commission,the Union Co. Planning Commission and the Knoxville Planning Commission.

Easter Surveying Company has a working relationship with these agencies.With our knowledge of the rules and regulations,we can help move your project through the system without costly delays.


Experienced in numerous lawsuits resulting in boundary disputes of neighbors and or disagreements between surveyors as to the boundary line or title property line Chancery Court Cases in the Eastern Division of the Tennessee Appellate Court. We have mediated many boundary line overlaps with both parties,on boundary line agreements and avoided costly court cases. Please see: Overton vs. Davis TN. Appeals Court Decision Anderson Co. TN, Register of Deeds Record Book. 1496, Page 491

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