The Surveyor & The Law

Legal Terms and Actions

Deed-A written document transfering Title to Real Estate

Easement -A certain right to use real property of another without possessing it

Encroachement - Entry into anothers property without right or permission

Adverse Possession -A method of gaining legal Title to real estate by,Actual,open,hostile,and continuous possession for the time period required by state law

Acquiescence - The act of giving consent or permission to encroachers by ones mere silence,that can and will cause the loss of real property

Riparian Rights - The rights of owners of land adjoining Rivers and streams

Eminent Domain - The act of taking private property for public use by a country,state,municipality,or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functions of public character,followed by payment of just compensation


Interment Rights- burial rights only,or burial easement rights,no transfer of real property

Equitable Estoppel - Legal constraint preventing the first party from gaining advantage over the second party if the second

party claims injury due to reliance on misrepresentations by the first party


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